The CHI Dance program

Mindfulness-Based Movement

KYL/D offers CHI Dance classes, assemblies, and workshops available for students in public, private, and charter schools throughout Greater Philadelphia.

Designed for students in grades K-12, CHI Dance is modeled after Kun-Yang Lin/Dancer's signature CHI Awareness Practice. CHI Awareness Practice has been cultivated for over 20 years by Executive Artistic Director, Kun-Yang Lin, which focuses on developing the relationship of the moving body to breath, awareness, and mindfulness. During CHI Dance, students will learn fundamental dance technique through the skills mindfulness provides, allowing students to focus on the connection of body, mind, and breath inside and outside of the classroom.

CHI Dance connects to themes of:

  • Mindfulness

  • Anger management

  • Inner peace

  • Self-discipline and control

  • Teamwork

  • Spatial and inner awareness

Activities and objectives will be catered to each grade level and institution. CHI Dance can be adapted for a variety of programming. For more information, including prices, please complete the request form below which will send an e-mail to Education Manager, Gracianna Coscia-Collins.

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Education and Outreach testimonials


what a teacher had to say:

"CHI Dance has been a wonderful enrichment program for our classroom. Thanks to the great work of Ms. Gracianna and Mr. Mo, my students have the opportunity to not just participate in dancing, but the chance be creative and invent steps. In addition, the instructors have incorporated our current lesson concepts into their teaching. Best of all, students are learning more than dance -- they're learning how to control their bodies, their movements, and to safely respect the personal space and boundaries of others." - Jason Morroni (Teacher at Southwark School)


what past students have had to say:

"I liked learning about different exercises with breathing." Zachary (Grade 4)

"I learned being mindful helps you concentrate." Tyleah (Grade 5)

"I learned using mindfulness helps you dance better." (Trinity grade 3)

"I liked everything." Javier (Grade 3)

"I liked the performance." Mekhi (Grade 5)

"I liked getting to work in partners and learn to choreograph on our own." Kelly (Grade 4)


What a principal had to say:

"It was a great opportunity for my students to learn about another culture. The format was very interactive to keep students engaged. We are grateful for this performance. Thank you" - Anna Jenkins (Alexander Adaire School Principal)


What an After-School program coordinator had to say:

Here at the Sunrise Afterschool program at Southwark School, we do what we can to celebrate together the many cultures with which our kids identify. We have many children who are of Chinese and Vietnamese descent, and so we have traditionally celebrated Lunar New Year with the same enthusiasm as other major holidays celebrated by our students. Southeast Philadelphia is the most ethnically diverse area of Philadelphia, and we make a great effort to ensure that this is reflected and celebrated in the way we plan our art, literacy, STEM and special event programming.

The Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers came to our Lunar New Year celebration and did a phenomenal job presenting the cultural significance of Lunar New Year and the Chinese Spring festival. All of our kids thoroughly enjoyed watching the presentation and beautiful dancing! -  Julie Laquer (Site Director and Media Coordinator at Sunrise After School Program)