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"Lin's works are artistic adventures that captivate on many levels. Much of the movement and music draws on group ritual and meditative states of consciousness. The collective energy emanates around the room, and if you let yourself go with his flow, you don't just watch it - you feel it, too."

The Philadelphia City Paper


Mission and Core Values

Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers celebrates the ability of dance to integrate body, spirit and mind, inviting audiences worldwide to engage in their own journeys of self-discovery. Proceeding from a rich frame informed by diverse philosophies, living traditions and contemplative practices of Asian origin, the company performs original works by its founder and Artistic Director Kun-Yang Lin.

KYL/D inspires dance artists and audiences to examine the questions that shape us as individuals and communities, through world-class dance that integrates virtuosity with humanity. We believe in:

·             Practicing a fearless physicality that resonates with the soul

·             Setting in motion fresh interpretations of ancient traditions steeped in Eastern wisdom and sensibilities

·             Inspiring innovative approaches to community and self-discovery

·             Igniting conversations about meaning and mystery