Chinese Cultural Programs


The artistry of KYL/D emerges from the specific dance history, training, culture and other Eastern arts practices of founder Kun-Yang Lin, which are all rooted in Chinese classical and folk dances, martial arts, tai chi, qi gong, calligraphy and various Asian meditation practices. Mr. Lin’s choreographic concepts further draw upon Chinese philosophies such as Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism.  It is based on such a rich and deep five thousand years of Chinese culture, history and philosophy, Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers celebrates the ability of dance to integrate body, spirit and mind, inviting audiences worldwide to engage in their own journeys of self-discovery. Proceeding from a rich frame informed by philosophies, traditions and contemplative practices of Chinese origin, KYL/D inspires dance artists and audiences to examine the questions that shape us as individuals and communities, through world-class dance that integrates virtuosity with humanity.  KYL/D, through its dance artistry, communicates deep Chinese culture and philosophies through artistically choreographed dance movements to its audience and to help its audience to further understand the traditional cultural background against which these dances are created. 


Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers (KYL/D) provides a variety of programming focused on Chinese cultural traditions. KYL/D has presented its cultural programs during major Chinese festivals, such as the Moon Festival and Dragon Boat Festival, as well as in-school, gallery and museum-based performances and presentations.

Programs are flexible, and can include performances of Chinese classical dance and folk dance by KYL/D dance artists Weiwei Ma and Lingyuan Zhao and interactions that invite audiences to experience Chinese culture, movement and language. Other activities are demonstrations and master classes in Lin's signature CHI Awareness Practice, including its underlying Tai Chi and Qi Gong principles.



Here at the Sunrise Afterschool program at Southwark School, we do what we can to celebrate together the many cultures with which our kids identify. We have many children who are of Chinese and Vietnamese descent, and so we have traditionally celebrated Lunar New Year with the same enthusiasm as other major holidays celebrated by our students. Southeast Philadelphia is the most ethnically diverse area of Philadelphia, and we make a great effort to ensure that this is reflected and celebrated in the way we plan our art, literacy, STEM and special event programming.

The Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers came to our Lunar New Year celebration and did a phenomenal job presenting the cultural significance of Lunar New Year and the Chinese Spring festival. All of our kids thoroughly enjoyed watching the presentation and beautiful dancing!
-  Julie Laquer (Site Director and Media Coordinator at Sunrise After School Program)

"It was a great opportunity for my students to learn about another culture. The format was very interactive to keep students engaged. We are grateful for this performance. Thank you" - Anna Jenkins (Alexander Adaire School Principal)


For more information on Chinese Cultural Presentations, please contact:
Gracianna Coscia-Collins, Education Manager