One - Gifts from Afar - 2013 Spring Season

One: Show Preview

The Creative Process behind One.

"All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything."

Swami Vivekananda

Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers presents ONE: Gifts from Afar, featuring the world premiere of ONE, an exploration of humankind's rituals surrounding the drive to win using chess as a departure point. A dynamic meditation on the journey from external division to internal oneness, ONE is paired with the company's acclaimed Mandala Project, a "masterwork of art, spirituality and stagecraft.



Kun-Yang Lin 

Lighting Design

Stephen Petrilli


Heidi Barr

Original Music for World Premiere

Cory Neale

Visual Object Art for Mandala

Hua Hua Zhang

KYL/D Dance Artists

Kun-Yang Lin, Jennifer Rose, Olive Prince, Jessica Warchal-King, Shaness Kemp, Duane Lee Holland, Jr., Liu Mo, Evalina Carbonell, Vuthy Ou, Rachael Hart, Brandi Ou and Brian Cordova

Artistic Director - Kun-Yang Lin

Executive Director - Ken Metzner


Meet the Dancers

Jessica Warchal-King

Olive Prince

Duane Lee Holland Jr.

Vuthy Ou

Rachael Hart

Evalina Carbonell

Liu Mo 刘沫

Jennifer Rose on Mandala

Shaness Kemp

Brandi Ou

Brian Cordova


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Past Show Dates

Friday, 3/22/2013 @ 8pm

Saturday, 3/23/2013 @ 3pm & 8pm