2011 Press Quotes


"The six dancers in Lin's "Autumn Skin," first on Saturday's program, are clearly a family of sorts... They move in unison, or separately yet sharing phrases and intentions, and when they are isolated, they despair. The choreography is expansive and expressive, permeated with a sense of longing. The dancers' raw physicality almost approaches awkwardness, as in duets in which they seem to be trying to break down the barriers between them to achieve the connection they yearn for." - The Times Union, Albany, 2011


"Stravinsky's own Renard, winningly choreographed by Kun-Yang Lin, who matched Stravinsky's propulsive music with various mutations of martial arts." - Philadelphia Inquire Classical Music Critic, David Patrick Stearns, 2011


"Stravinsky's RAGTIME, RENARD... Each piece was given smooth, quirky, stylish choreography by Kun-Yang Lin that reflected the jazz influence of the music as well as the surrealism of much of the art of the time, and was danced with excellent skill and acting by the players. (They trumped the performance of Pulcinella with the Pennsylvania Ballet that opened the festival). Both stagings suited the music to the "T", and from where we sat in the audience, at tables on the floor of the Perelman Theatre, we were thrown right into the informal cafe influence of Paris in the early 20th century... (singers) and the dancers (Scott McPhetters, Elrey C. Belmonti, Jessica Warchal-King, Jennifer Rose, Olive Prince and Wen-Chen Liu) did a fine job indeed." - IVA records , Five line dancers Blog, 2011


"subtle & compelling." - Lewis Whittington, 2011


"Mandala... a masterwork of art, spirituality, and stagecraft." - Philadelphia Inquire, 2011


"... Lin is all about connecting with the community. Clearly, his message is resonating. His company packed the house at the Painted Bride the end of last week, for three nights straight... Friday night's crowd sat rapt throughout, and who could blame them? The program's three pieces were intricately crafted on all counts - choreography, costumes, lighting and music... Lin's works are artistic adventures that captivate on many levels. Much of the movement and music draws on group ritual and meditative states of consciousness. The collective energy emanates around the room, and if you let yourself go with his flow, you don't just watch it - you feel it, too." - The Philadelphia City Paper, 2011


"Mandala Project: Return to the Circle... a gorgeous tableau..framing unexpected bodyscapes... Kun-Yang Lin swooped into the ring, red fabric swirling for a solo, with gorgeous calligraphic hand dances and Tantric poses. Lin's choreographic metaphysics has agitated idioms from martial arts and modern vocabulary mixed with the stillness of meditation and multi-Eastern classicism... the conviction of the dancers and sense of artistic journey is hypnotic." - Ballet.co.uk/Magazine, 2011


"'The Land of Lost Content' is both movement meditation and narrative... Lin's tight unison work and arresting group stage pictures build in intensity, then to cathartic resolve" - Ballet.Co.UK/Magazine, 2011