2004 Press Quotes


“Kun-Yang Lin is an artist for the masses. His work, even when indefinable, is incredibly captivating for audiences and dancers alike.” – The Martha’s Vineyard Times, 2004


“a dance and choreographic legend unto himself.” – The Strait Times Singapore, 2004


“(KYLD) with deliciously exotic spices blended into the stewpot of today’s modern dance.” – Sun-Sentinel, South Florida, 2004


Guanyin – “unfolded in a deep persimmon glow-This beautiful work by internationally active Kun-Yang Lin, now teaching at Temple, enriched its Chinese references with suggestions of Indian dance and Egyptian friezes, knowing placements of hands and feet, and moments of surprise.” – Miriam Seidel, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 2004


“Compassion-a duet set against the sound of Tibetan chants, the two dancers moved their ams and legs in graceful coordination as they moved in and out of series of interwined postures. The movements had a spiritual overtone, reminiscent of thanka paintings of deities and consorts. The duo moved with a striking poise, strength, and confidence; the performance was a fusion of power and grace, a ritual where the sacred and profane intersect.” - The Martha’s Vineyard Times, 2004