2000 Press Quotes


“Kun-Yang Lin, an up-and-comer.” – Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times, March 2000


From the Land of Lost Content – “The triumph of the evening and one of the more seamlessly and powerfully executed dances I’ve seen was choreographed by Kun-Yang Lin. A cohesive and powerful work.” – Myrna Patterson, Vineyard Gazette, July 2000


From the Land of Lost Content – “Powerful simplicity” – Jennifer Dunning, August 2000, The New York Times


Butterfly – “Leslie Smolen Wuebben adroitly danced the role of a butterfly with broken wing by fluttering, jittering and trembling within Lin’s choreography that seemed to hark back to the days of Isadora Duncan.” – Steve Sucato, The Buffalo News, Oct 2000


From the Land of Lost Content – “Brilliantly constructed… Musical accents are skillfully used… Lin combines a fresh approach to conventional craft with a commitment to contemporary social-consciousness.” – Lisa Jo Sagolla, Back Stage, Dec. 2000


From the Land of Lost Content – “A post-postmodernist dance; This New York premiere built and pulled one in; it was effective and affective.” – Francis Mason, Ballet Review, Dec. 2000


In Brenner’s The L Word – “Ms. Blum and Mr. Lin have the kind of expressive face that is rare in dance today.” –Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times, April 2000


“Exquisite” – The Village Voice, April 2000


In Lin’s Poem of Arbos – “Both Lin and (Adam) Klotz display great musicality and physical energy. There is emotion between the two dancers that unfolds with the movement.” – Amy Rumizen Cohen, The Buffalo News, July 2000


Anthony’s Soliloquy – “a choreographic depiction of Hamlet’s inner turmoil magnificently rendered by Lin.” - Lisa Jo Sagolla, Back Stage, December 2000