Photo: Ellen Rosenberg Photography

Photo: Ellen Rosenberg Photography

July 25-29: KYL/D'S 2017 AUDITION

Tuesday-Friday 10:15am-12:00pm
Saturday 12:30pm-2:00pm @
CHI Movement Arts Center: 1316 S. 9th St. Philadelphia

Photo: Mike Hurwitz

Photo: Mike Hurwitz


July 27: KYL/D performance for american dance abroad

Thursday July 27 @ 7:00pm
The Performance Garage: 1515 Brandywine St. Philadelphia, PA

Inhale Photo

August 11th: 33rd InHale Performance Series

7:30pm @ CHI Movement Arts Center: 1316 S. 9th St. Philadelphia, PA 19147

Stay tuned for info on participating artists and tickets

September 30th: You Be the Judge

5:30-9:30pm @ the Sculpture Courtyard: 1714 N. Mascher St. Philadelphia, PA 19122

Join us for an evening of food, fun, and interactive surprises!