Symphony in D Minor/Sky Dance

The epic scale, interactive sculptural installation curated by Eileen Tognini and created by New York artists, Patrick Gallagher and Chris Klapper at the SkyBox Gallery.

In three rare solo performances, Kun-Yang Lin creates SKY DANCE, an improvisation work in response to the interactive sound and visual installation. Lin, whose Zen-inspired practice of dance manifests in abstract works of poetic sensibility, creates an experience of dance that unfolds moment-by-moment in conversation with the striking, interactive installation.

"an uplifting multidisciplinary event... When Kun-Yang entered the space, the seas parted naturally and without prompt.... a hauntingly beautiful moment for me... I am grateful that there were many that attended that have not seen Kun-Yang perform prior to this and have now been introduced to his great talent via a visual arts event"

Symphony in D Minor Curator, Eileen Tognini

Life and Improvisation

"Kun-Yang Lin -- theatrical visionary, sensational choreographer and compelling performer..." - Philadelphia Inquirer

My intention in life - certainly in my art and particularly when doing improv work, is to give myself to the moment, to be fully present to what unfolds. I have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the ever-shifting sculptures, bodies in space, images and sounds and then mingling afterward with the folks who came out for the experience. 

It has been great for me to be involved with Symphony in D Minor because it has given me a chance to share a side of me that many people in Philadelphia have not seen. Most people who have experienced my work here are unfamiliar with my long background in improv. My love of improv traces back to my touring days with Transitions Dance Company in London and later work in NYC with Lynn Shapiro and musician John Zorn and many others, even dancing with horses on projects with Paula Josa-Jones. And improvisation is an essential starting point in all of my research and dancemaking. So I am grateful that you and others have been able to peer into this window of my history and process by experiencing the special moments at SkyBox.

- Kun-Yang Lin

Audience Comments

"the solo, it was really beautiful. It felt, to me, like a consecration of the space in its present form... You became one with the sound and the pendulous movement of those wonderful interactive sculptures, controlling at times, giving over at others. So thank you for the performance tonight. It was special to behold."

"...experience with Kun-Yang and the installation... it was authentic and riveting."

"Your movement was breath-taking, literally: at moments I had to remember to breathe"

"Your movements were really one with the essence of the rolling sculptures. As you moved upstage, your movements became fuller and richer, and I loved it when you moved back and forth with the swing of the sculpture. The last few moments of the piece were exquisite as you became ever more still – and when you reached up to slow down the the sculpture – I held my breath... Thank you."

Symphony in D Minor/Sky Dance

SkyBox Gallery, 2424 East York St, Philadelphia

Past Show Dates

Saturday 10/20/12, Friday 11/2/12, Sunday 12/02/12