By: Sarah Trested


Pics of Rehearsal


For this weeks post, I decided to focus on Kun-Yang's signature movement practice, CHI Awareness Practice. CHI Awareness Practice is the foundational technique for KYL/D, which Kun-Yang teaches each Saturday before rehearsal. The approach works to bring together Lin's Western and Eastern movement backgrounds and translates directly into his choreography.

CHI Awareness focuses on how, through modulation of breath (or “chi”, in Mandarin), weight and weightlessness co-exist simultaneously and energy seamlessly transitions among explosive bursts of rapid, expansive phrase work, and absolute stillness. CHI Awareness classes begin quietly and gradually build in complexity, culminating in dynamic phrase work.

CHI Awareness is not just a class, but a philosophy on how Kun-Yang exists in and views the world. I have noticed Lin’s hyper sense of awareness in everything that he does inside and outside of the studio. His company rehearsals have a certain aura to them each time I observe. Lin’s sense of exploration and ability to bring together different styles into one cohesive work challenges his dancers to become versatile, smart, and beautiful movers and people. Each of his dancers reflect his conception of dance as the ultimate integration of body, spirit and mind in relation to the diversity of the world.

I am lucky enough to not only be Kun-Yang’s intern, but also to have had him as a professor in the collegiate setting. Lin's modern technique classes were both exhilarating and sometimes, a little frustrating. His hyper sense of awareness and moving takes several classes to connect to and understand. Being Kun-Yang’s student helped push me to be the best I could be as it opened my eyes to new ways of perceiving my body in relation to time and space. His class helped me excel in other aspects of my life as well, since I learned to conceive of CHI Awareness as more than a dance practice but also, a way of life.