By: Sarah Trested


INTERVIEW WITH KYL/D'S Business development manager: katie Moore

Katie Moore

(SARAH): Where did you first meet Kun-Yang? How did you eventually work your way to becoming the business manager for KYL/D?

(KATIE): I first met Kun-Yang in 2013 when I was a sophomore dance major at Temple University. Over the next three years, I took several of his technique classes, along with his creative process class.

Also in my sophomore year I added a business minor and started pursuing arts administration experience, particularly in dance. After several internships, a new internship was available at KYL/D for marketing and development. I had recently seen KYL/D’s 2014 performance of Be/Longing at the Mandell Theater and jumped at the opportunity. Fortunately, I got the internship and started working in summer of 2015. I helped with a variety of programming: research and planning, fundraising, donor management, digital marketing, etc. Probably my favorite responsibility was helping coordinate KYL/D’s first large-scale company audition.

After working hard all summer, KYL/D’s Executive Director, Ken Metzner, offered me a part-time position as a Management Associate. My senior year of college I continued to work at CHI MAC to deepen my knowledge for arts administration and KYL/D. In spring 2016 Ken offered me a full-time position as the company’s Business Development Manager after I graduated and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to continue working with KYL/D in a greater capacity. I believe it was my previous internship experiences and college courses along with hard work, confidence, and commitment that allowed me to succeed in getting a full-time position with a professional dance company.

(SARAH): What are some of the things you do as a business manager?

(KATIE): I do a lot of fun things! For development, I manage KYL/D’s donor database, coordinate fundraising activities, and research and write grant applications. For marketing, I run the company’s website and work on SEO, run most of social media, email newsletters, the digital press kit, some advertising, and design other marketing materials. I coordinate the company’s annual audition in the summer. I create a variety of programming reports. I also have some financial responsibilities such as developing budgets and conducting analyses. As well, I work with KYL/D’s Board of Directors throughout the year on strategic planning. You name it, I probably have dabbled in it!

(SARAH): Can you tell us a little about what an average day looks like in the office?

(KATIE): It is hard to say that there is a typical or average day in the office. Depending on the grant deadlines or company programming that is occurring, my activity shifts accordingly. As well, some days Ken and I have meetings with collaborators or community partners. Every other week I set-up meetings with Gracie to stay up to date on the education program. The same goes with Maggie, KYL/D’s Rehearsal Director, to understand how company rehearsals are progressing.

I usually check all of KYL/D’s online profiles daily to make sure everything is up to date. I always like to say hi and have quick chats with the people that rent the studio space, most of whom are friends in the dance community. Ken and I often make a checklist for everything we want to get accomplished during the week. And on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I like to stay a little later into the evening to reconnect with the dance artists, observe some of rehearsal, and hangout with you!

(SARAH): What has been the most rewarding experience you’ve had thus far as KYL/D’s business manager?

(KATIE): Learning about and working alongside the staff and dance artists at KYL/D is my favorite part of my job. The company has recently expanded its family and I’m always excited to develop stronger relationships with fellow artists and administrators. That being said, one of the most rewarding individual experiences I’ve had with KYL/D would have to be our 2016 November fundraiser, “You Be the Judge.” Ken and I put in many hours of hard work to structure, coordinate, promote, and manage the event. Organizing “You Be the Judge” was my first major event responsibility, so it was wonderful to hear feedback from the dance artists, board, and attendees that they enjoyed the function and are looking forward to next year’s fundraiser. The success of “You Be the Judge” made the experience extremely fulfilling and I’m excited to plan this year’s event!

(SARAH): What three words would you use to describe KYL/D?

(KATIE): Passionate, Open, Honest


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