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Get behind the scenes info on what KYL/D is up to in the studio by reading our semi-weekly blog featuring posts from dance artists & staff

(NOTE: We have a separate blog for our current project, Faith Project)


Jessica's Scoop on Santuario:

Jessica Warchal-King discusses her experience performing, "Santuario" KYL/D's latest work in response to the tragic Pulse Nighclub shooting and shaped by the politics of our time.


Jessica's Scoop on Inhale/Exhale:

Jessica Warchal-King reflects on the InHale/ExHale Performance Series featuring choreography and performance by both KYL/D Dance artists and outside emerging and established artists. 


Sarah's Scoop w/ Jessica:

Sarah talks with KYL/D dance artist and InHale curator Jessica Warchal-King about her experiences as a pregnant dancer.

Rehearsal Shot

Sarah's Scoop on Space:

Sarah hones in on KYL/D's use of space

Rehearsal Pic

SARAH's Scoop on Time:

For the next three weeks, Sarah is honing on on three elements of KYL/D's choreography- time, space, and energy

Frankie Markocki

Sarah's Scoop with Company Apprentice: Frankie Markocki

A previous student of Kun-Yang's at Temple University, Company Apprentice Frankie Markocki talks with Sarah about his background, and his experiences thus far with KYL/D.

Sarah's Scoop with Ken on Pulse:

Last month, KYL/D's Executive Director, Ken Metzner, visited Pulse Nightclub. This week, Sarah sat down with him to discuss his experience.


Sarah's Scoop on inhale:

KYL/D hosts a quarterly presenting series, InHale. To learn more about the program, Sarah interviewed InHale curator and KYL/D company member Jessica Warchal-King. 


Sarah's Scoop on KYL/D's Business Development Manager, Katie Moore:

Highlighting another administrative team member of KYL/D, Sarah talks with Business Development Manager Katie Moore to learn about her roles and experiences on the business side of a professional dance company.


Sarah's Scoop on KYL/D's Youth Education Coordinator, Gracie Coscia:

This week on the blog, Sarah interviews Gracianna Coscia, KYL/D's Youth Education Coordinator to get a better understanding of KYL/D's educational programming. Want to know more about CHI Dance? Click below for the scoop!


Sarah's Scoop on Kun-Yang's process: in life, in class, and in rehearsal

This week, Sarah reflects on how she has seen Kun-Yang's philosophy manifest not only in his work, but also in every rehearsal, class, dance artist, and daily life. 


Sarah's Scoop on the New Year Activities!

In 2017, KYL/D has several different ways for you to get involved, such as the InHale Performance Series, our new Open Studio Series, the performances at the Prince Theater, and more! Sarah has the scoop, check it out!


The APAP Experience:

This past weekend KYL/D traveled to NYC to participate in the APAP (Association of Performing Arts Presenters) 2017 Conference. KYL/D company member Jessica Warchal-King reflects on her experiences. 


16 Highlights of KYL/D's 2016:

2016 was a year of growth and excitement for KYL/D. As 2016 comes to a close, we reflect on our favorite memories and we want to know what yours are!


Jessica's Reflections on Kaatsbaan:

Shortly after the election results, KYL/D headed to Tivoli NY to perform HOME/S. 9th St. at Kaatsbaan International Dance Center. KYL/D company member, Jessica Warchal-King, reflects on the experience of performing work outside of KYL/D's Philly community and the impact of art creating important dialogue. Read more below:


SARAH'S SCOOP on chi w/ the dancers:

After starting an investigation into Kun-Yang's CHI Awareness Practice last week, Sarah continues to observe rehearsals and research how past dancers have explained the core principles of his practice which incorporates CHI and movement. Learn more about her findings below.


Sarah's Scoop on chi awareness:

This week Sarah concentrates on Kun-Yang's signature practice, CHI Awareness. Cultivated over 25 years, Lin's practice is not only about movement, but is a philosophy of life. Learn more about the motivations behind CHI Awareness below.


Sarah's Scoop on rehearsal director, maggie zhao:

After the company's fundraiser, Sarah sat down with Rehearsal Director and Assistant to the Artistic Director, Lingyuan "Maggie" Zhao. Learn more about Maggie's background and her thoughts on the comparison of Chinese and American dance culture. 


Sarah's Scoop on "You Be the Judge":

On Nov. 5th KYL/D held its fundraiser, back by popular demand, "You Be the Judge." The title eludes to the (highly encouraged) dance contest that the attendees are surprised to discover when they show up to the event. Read more about the nights' highlights below:


Jessica's Scoop on inhale and ndeo:

Company member and InHale Series Curator, Jessica Warchal-King, publishes her own blog- The Embodiment Project. This week, KYL/D re-posts Jessica's thoughts on her performance background, the InHale Series, and her recent trip to the NDEO Conference.


Sarah's Scoop on one-immortal game: 

This week Sarah discusses another piece of repertory, ONE-Immortal Game (a.k.a. Chess), which the company will be performing at KYL/D's Home Season at the Prince Theater in April 27-29, 2017.


SARAH'S SCOOP on new Company Member Keila Perez-vega:

Another recent addition to KYL/D's dance artists, Keila Perez-Vega gets interviewed by Sarah to talk about her dance background and her experience with KYL/D since she joined in August.


SARAH'S SCOOP on new Company Member Frank Leone:

Last week, Sarah interviewed one of KYL/D's latest additions to the company, Frank Leone! Learn more about Frank's dance background and his experience with KYL/D since he joined in August.


Sarah's Scoop on Home/S. 9th St:

This past week, KYL/D continues to work on two pieces simultaneously, HOME/S. 9th St. and Santuario. Both pieces have a different focus, but stem from a socio-political perspective and motivation. Learn more about what Sarah thinks!


SARAH'S Second Scoop:

Last week you learned about Sarah and her first week with KYL/D rehearsing Santuario. Now she has the exclusive scoop on another piece of KYL/D's repertory: HOME/S. 9th St. The work premiered in 2015, and since then has changed the majority of its cast and is being performed again at the Kaatsbaan International Dancer Center on November 12, 2016. Read more below!


Sarah's First DAY W/ KYLD:

Sarah Trested has just joined the KYL/D family as the company's intern- which includes taking class, observing rehearsals, and working with the administrative staff.  Learn more about Sarah and her experience in rehearsal w/ KYL/D below!