Audience Feedback

Faith Project/The Door Feedback

"I saw creation and destruction
Of lives
Of cities
Of communities
And breaking down the walls of yes, symbols of faith but more of our inner barriers
I saw the question of confronting our demons
Struggling with our greatest fears. 
You personally, within the dancers, and asking the audience
For the thing that we love and fear are exactly the same thing
And that is LOVE at its purest state

Religion creates a structure or a vehicle for believing in something greater than you
For the world
For loving your purpose of existence
But when you are so clear and sure about your greater purpose than the structure for faith is no longer externalized. 
It's internal- and that is KNOWING!

I see you going deeper
Keep digging
I always like to ask myself before I dance, " where is the devil?"
Because I find my most honest and pure self that can never be defined by words

I am honored to be a part of the history of your work and company. And just so you know your work has great ripples and I am watching and making the ripples pool out into the whole world the way I know it needs to."

"Greetings, I was on the edge of my seat during the entire performance last night.  I just loved Dedication and was honored to be in the audience as the 10th anniversary transition was made.  Nikolai was wonderful.

The Door was stunning. Kimerer's presentation was so interesting and a powerful introduction.  Having been to one of the Studio events, it was really exciting to see the work in its entirety.  

I like the partnering a lot! And the real-time special effects graphics were great! Thank you for sharing your gifts with our community."

"I have had a subscription to Dance Affiliates for over 20 years so I have seen a lot of contemporary dance which I love. Thursday’s performance was one of the best I have ever seen. The precision, the music, the creative movement were all so in sync that it blew me away. 

I was in awe and gasped when the fellow who flipped over in one of the most interesting moves I have ever seen!! Every dancer was so talented, agile and expressive. I loved the costumes- gender neutral and interesting. The music was wonderful and all the dancing fit it perfectly. My question- Which comes first the music or the dance??? Such synergy!!! I look forward to your next performance and I hope to have you in our space soon!!!"

"Thank you so much for inviting me to the performance today, Ken. Profound and beautiful - an absolutely stunning production. Bravo!"

"I LOVED the dance performance Saturday afternoon. Thank you for alerting me to this group. While some of the 'spiritual' meaning/references of the dance went over my head, just the choreography itself was amazing, and 'scenes' from it are still in my head. So beautiful. I have never seen multimedia used as effectively as it was in this performance. It was a 'genius' idea both in concept and execution."

"Oh my goodness gracious!!! I was so blown away by the show last night! You all were beyond wonderful!"

"Bravo! Brilliant. Honored to bare witness to this extraordinary work."

"May prayer reward your hard work, deep thought search, and exquisite beauty. Thank you for your grace."

"FANTASTIC.. Such GRACEFUL ARTICULATE expression motion and dance.. PEACE AND LOVE"

"Power and beauty"

"Can I just say how AMAZINGLY IMPRESSED I am with the High Quality Performance of Kun-Yang Lin and his dancers. The agility, stamina, technique, strength and inner power it takes to perform such a beautiful and intense showcase in front of a packed audience at the Prince Theater.

I apprenticed with Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers when I was a Dance Minor at Boyer College of Music and Dance, Temple University and I cannot tell you how excited and happy I am for the beauty that KYLD creates every single year and every single day.

Also shout out to my girl Annielille Gavino and the rest of the ensemble, which includes some of the most inspirational movement artists the world has seen. YOU ALL ARE AMAZING, PASSIONATE, & BOLD!"

"I feel so lucky. Tonight I saw Kun-Yang Lin’s Faith Project/The Door. It was a beautiful combination of strength, sensitivity, acute and delicate detail, and sweeping force. Visually stunning with a powerful score. To see dancers sustain their presence and poise for 60+ minutes is humbling and inspiring. What a blessing to have been able to share in the journey with KYL-D 🙏🏻Thank you!"

"Cheers to 10 years Ken Metzner and Kun-Yang Lin and company! It’s been great being part of the journey with you...So exquisite and enthralling"

"Congratulations to Kun-Yang Lin and his beautiful dancers for a great performance 👏👏👏 , and a shout out to Alyssandra Docherty for an amazing lighting design , and all that were involved (projection, music, all the foundations, and individuals that made it happen) 🙏, please go and support and enjoy this wonderful work. Bravo"

"SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I was blown away… I just had to tell you how moved I was. Bravo to you. Your collaborators, and the dancers."

"It was incredible!!!! KYL/D kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire show, even the moments where the dancers were moving slow I could feel the immense sensations and energies spewing out of their bodies. The dancers morphing into the imagery backdrops was so captivating, this collaboration brought the piece to a completely new world. I plan to continue to see this company perform!"

"The imagery was stunning!"

"Really enjoyed hearing you speak, Kimerer"

"What a joy and fun challenge to switch my brain space back into the world of dance, and I’m grateful for the trust and commitment I received from the creative team and the inspiring dancers. Special shout out to Kun-Yang Lin, Ken Metzner and Katie Moore for contacting me and giving me such a wonderful opportunity to work with so many great artists."

"Heaps of congratulations to cast, collaborators, and staff, to Ken and Kun-Yang Lin!! May you bask in the glow of the gift you have given!"

"It was the greatest dance performance ever. Kudos to all who helped put this together, loved all 3 performances. May God continue to bless you all"

"Congratulations on a beautiful show Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers... It was a real pleasure collaborating with this team!"

"Thank you Kun-Yang Lin, it was an emotional performance, your committed and talented dancers translated your vision beautifully!"

"Go see it! It's 1000% worth the experience. The quality of movement from each dancer dug into my soul. The elements of light, projection, and sound were all in harmony with the performers.  Awesome work on the part of KYL/D and all those involved in the Faith Project. It's all around PHENOMENAL. I'm really tryna squeeze my way into this company yal 😂 GOALS"

"Powerful and stunning dancing presentation by the great artist, Mo, in KYL/D’s 2018 Faith Project/ The Door (Part one). The photos can only speak a tiny fraction of the real performance! A must see show this weekend"

"We are honored to be invited to experience Kun-Yang's Faith Project: The Door. Thank you Kun-Yang and Ken! #kunyanglin #experiencetheculture"

"Amazing performance that we had the pleasure of attending, Evalina Wallis Cain Carbonell was phenomenal"

"Watching here in NY, the beautiful pictures and clip's from the show!!!! Bravo👏👏"

"It was beautiful and moving - I could watch it over and over!"

"Beautiful dancing"

"Congratulations to Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers .. you absolutely rocked it this weekend... enthralled, beautiful.. i am better with photos than I am with words.. so will just leave this beautiful capture as a showing of how gifted each and everyone of you are.. For those that missed these performances .. keep your eye out.. and get out to see this troupe.. proud to know all of you.."

"Gorgeous performance!"

"Those were not tears running down my cheeks. It was allergies. Yea, yea that's what it was... allergies. #music and my interpretation had me like 😢😢😭🙂 Brava, Keila Perez-Vega. It was a beautiful presentation."

"Hermosa! Orgullosa de tí!"

"Wanted to give a huge shout out to my friend Keila for allowing me the opportunity to photograph her and one the Dance companies she is dancing with KYL/D. Fantastic work of art!"

"Very enjoyable performance! And I look forward to the next one!"

"Dedication made me feel in ways I haven’t felt in a long time. I can’t explain it. I was almost in tears."

"We had a wonderful time! Thank you so much for another memorable evening!"

"We enjoyed the show very much! Thanks to all that made it possible for us to see “The Door”!"

"Last night's premiere of "Faith Project: The Door" was beyond spectacular.  I loved the expansive vocabulary of the dance; (it seems to me that from work to work, Kun-Yang is gently emigrating his choreography from East to West); to the unpredictable (but seamlessly connected and absolutely gorgeous) music; to the tremendous variations of tempo and intensity and volume and pace (from stillness to freneticism of both the dance and the music); and the spectacularly coordinated/integrated color palettes of costumes and lighting, both of which were sensuous and completely complementary to each other.  I also loved the multi-media elements.  They supported and enhanced the stage work without ever dominating it (or, worse, without ever supplementing for whatever was lacking, which is too often its role in dance)."

"The show was spectacular. Really beautiful and thought provoking"

"Was so impressed and happy about the performance last night, congratulations!"

"I enjoyed the performance on many levels. I thought so many parts of it were exquisite… still digesting"

"It was a spectacular vision you shared with us, great performance"

"Last night seeing “The Door” was absolutely STUNNING. The dancers, multimedia and performance and artistry where PHENOMONAL! Merde to the cast and crew!

I’ve been seeing KYL/D work for years and last night seeing all of the beautiful and inspirational teachers and peers of the Philly dance community was quite special. Thank you Kun-Yang for dancing from a place where not only hardcore dance is honored, but the importance of friendship, community and respect are all cultivated into a holistic experience!"

"I'm still thinking about your brilliant performance!"

"My family (including a 12 year old) and myself enjoyed this wonderfully, emotionally charged performance. Thank you!!"

星期六进城看林昆阳舞蹈团本季新作:信仰工程/门。非常享受,我尤其喜欢现代舞, 表达纯粹和抽象的概念,向音乐靠拢。你们团太棒了![偷笑]

Translation: Visited the city of Philadelphia on Saturday specifically for KYL/D's Home season - Faith Project/The DOOR. I really enjoyed it. I like watching contemporary dance because of its abstract concept, authentic embodiment, and the connection with the music. What a great company and team!!!

演员们跳得非常好,舞台效果也很棒。很精彩的演出!虽然不太懂他们用动作表情传达的每一个细节,但还是能被很多环节感染到,缠绕,痛苦,挣扎,蜕变......Zoe 也看得津津有味 谢谢老师的推荐,我们都很喜欢这次现代舞的表演!

Translation: All the of the dancers are amazing; and the setting, lighting and the projection were so beautiful! What a fabulous show!!! Although I could not understand fully every movement and details, I was so moved by the atmosphere happening onstage. I felt the feelings of struggle, pain, transformation, etc. My daughter Zoe also enjoyed watching it so much. Thank you for your recommendation about this show. We all liked this performance!


Translation: Thank you so much for bringing such as heart-felt performance to us. Looking forward to the new work next time!


Translation: The performance was extremely marvelous. The curtain speech and the talk back were very helpful for us to understand the dance. Also, it helped us know how much effort the whole team dedicated into the process of this piece. The entire show felt very contemporary and cultural. Congrats!



Translation: Kun-Yang's dance embodied a holy religious belief of people who have diverse cultural backgrounds through their journey of life.  After watching the dance, I asked myself: "Is there a 'door' among various religions? If there is, what would that be? If there is a 'door' right in front, will you be brave enough to knock and go through?"


"I wanted badly to finish the sketches of Santuario and fully re-experience the image that was left in my mind at the end of the danceThe image of the entire ensemble, men and women, taking their shirts off in a line and the motion that I witnessed, chaotic and emotional, which happened behind them earlier reminded me of Raphael's Transfiguration painting after taking an Italian Renaissance Class at University of Pennsylvania."

“Thanks so much to all of you! So moving and beautiful - We will continue to spread the word - Until next time”

“Thank you for sharing your company's lovely and humanely important work.”

“Thank you, Kun-Yang, and the brilliant company for a beautiful and moving experience. It will live in me”

"Bravo bravo! Tonight's World Premiere was astounding, passionate, intense, impactful and so emotionally engaging. I was in tears when I left with feelings of sadness, pain, hurt, confusion and turmoil that was demonstrated so artistically by the Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers, yet the takeaway of LOVE which implies forgiveness was a message that help heal and soothe the emotions that were emerged. I congratulate Kun-Yang Lin and his dancers for using this format to share this trauma, but express a positive outcome of love and forgiveness so we can move, breathe and look beyond gender, race and seek ways to change racist behavior, change violent exchanges, to see all mankind as equal and seek spiritual healing. Thank you for Sanctuary.”

"Friends, I just saw Kun-Yang Lin's SANCTUARY and it was incredibly moving. ONE: Immortal Game starts the show with crisp choreographic metaphors, and SANTUARIO closes it out with shocking power - it's disturbing yet beautiful. This is definitely a show to take home with you. Go see it!”

“This is an incredibly powerful show. Take the time a check it out this weekend at the Prince Theater.”

“Absolutely stunning performance from Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers. A must see event this weekend!”

“This is honestly one of my favorite shows come into existence. Every time I've gotten the chance to sit in on rehearsal I find it very hard not to burst into tears. It is going to be absolutely incredible. Everyone should come see it!”


“Went last night to the opening at Prince Theatre (BTW traffic was not an issue). Blown away with emotion and awe. The mastery of movement, the music and the lighting created a first class experience of theatrical contemporary dance at its best.”

“Philadelphians time to go!!! and see what your local KYL/D troupe has to say about life's challenging times. Reading and watching news clips last year about the awful targeted shooting in the Pulse night club only becomes truly real through the brilliantly choreographed vision of Kun-Yang. A suspended succession of profound moments that touches your heart for all humanity and certainly speaks to the vulnerability of the LGBT community."

"Beyond amazing! This show will stay with me for a long time!"

"I saw the unity of Daoism in the first part, and the kindness of Humanism in the second part.”

“I always feel that dancing is such a beautiful art format, it can simply shake your soul through soundless movements. KYL/D did it last night, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's feel the running tears on my face."

“Last night's Kun-Yang Lin/ Dancers' concert was great. Santuario is best dance I have ever seen! Touched my heart and soul! Everyone should go see it this weekend at Prince Theater!"

“Extraordinary, thought-provoking, dynamic and exciting. So wonderful. And I loved the costumes.”

“Thank you and your beautiful dance company for a very moving performance Saturday afternoon. As you saw, I was moved to tears. "Sanctuary" was so powerful, and beautifully performed. Thank you all for "resisting", as the saying goes since the election, and speaking out as best you know how... with your bodies and your grace. I look forward to your next performance in Philadelphia.”

“You're all amazing and inspiring. I aspire to perform as well as you. Can't wait to take class at KYL/D asap!”

“Intense, inspiring, thought provoking”

“Loved the performance. Technically talented and very empowering dancing. Words cannot describe the 2nd act- You captured so much emotion and made it into art.”

“Dramatic, exciting, innovative, empowering.”

“Stunning, stirring and haunting performance. Congratulations to Kun-Yang Lin, KYL/Dancers, staff, Ken Metzner, and board!”

“Congratulations all; beauty and hope are your messages. What better prospect than that?”


“Please let the company know how beautifully I think they'll performed Saturday night! Their performance was stellar, and the choreography was so moving and well crafted”

“Kudos Kun-Yang! How wonderful that you're doing this work.”

“If you are able to make it to see the last showing of this amazing piece please do!!!! It's is a memorable and touching performance”

“Go see it!”

“Many thanks to our friends at KYL/D for creating this powerful work."

“You guys were great! Congratulations to all!”

“You articulated this beautifully, as we experienced everything you said, too! Was is Jessica who said the audience is in your care? You, as artists, took us on the journey with you...I am blessed to have witnessed it twice! All of your performances will be forever in my heart!”

“I’m still seeing images from your performances. Beauty and horror combined in my mind”

“Kimberly enjoyed it so much, she had tears in her eyes” 

“...moving, inspirational, thought-provoking piece”

“Amazing show”

“You don’t want to miss this experience”

“One of, if not the best dance concert I have ever seen!! Do not miss it if you like dance”

“You are were truly inspiring!”

“When Arts and Charity meet, it’s a beautiful thing”

“Absolutely heart wrenchingly gorgeous amazing visually stunning performance by Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers. I am so lucky to know you beautiful people. Thank you for that performance.” 

“Beautiful people, beautiful art in motion”

“It was a wonderful and powerful performance. Few dances I have ever seen touched me the way Santuario did. Bravo to all!”

“Just Wow”

“Congratulations on a successful home season run. I was able to catch Saturday evening's show, and as usual, I was equally impressed with the company's technical prowess as I was with your bravery and candor in tackling some of the heaviest political issues of our time. Thanks for an engaging and striking performance!”

“What a great show!”

“Friday night was wonderful. People around me were saying it was the strongest work yet.”

“All performers did a fantastic job during both routines at Prince Theatre, thanks again for that.  I also wanted to make mention that part of what made SANTUARIO so powerful was the segment that the dancers were displaying emotions to the aftermath of the shooting.  Jessica's blood curdling screams were reminiscent to a horror production which captured the events vividly.”

“I attended Thursday night's show and was breath taken. Confronting the divide that is prevalent in society today and answering with love and acceptance is a message that I can really resonate with.”

“Powerful.  As always, the athleticism of that troupe is amazing.  I thought the words at the end of the second piece weren't necessary, we already were there with the movement."

“It was such an absolute pleasure to experience your work."

“Fantastic Show!”

“Santuario is devastatingly beautiful. I appreciated how present I was with the individual humans as well as the ensemble.  A diverse and gorgeous cast, with a lot to say with their bodies - energy well spent towards urgent purpose.  Thank you”

“Thank you so much. We both loved it!!! Geoff cried during Santuario”

“I was blown away by Santuario. ‘Love can't stop a bullet. A bullet can't stop love.’”

“The KYL/D show...was FANTASTIC and haunting. Dance was so expressive it became a document of emotions.”

“It was phenomenal!! I was literally in a trance watching the performers”

“Every movement is timed perfectly and done deliberately. Even if there is no music, dancers still move as one! It is so emotionally charged; even if you're not ‘into’ Modern dance, You. Will. Be. Moved!”

“Even days later, the show still is having an impact on me.”

“Temple Friends and Everyone I know in Philly, if you have not had the chance to see Kun-Yang Lin's dance company performance this weekend at the Prince Theater, it's a must see! This is the kind of art that changes people and makes the world a better place!!!! ... You need to GO! It will make you look at art and dance in a whole new way!”

“You all were so hot you set the fire alarm off :) Keep it up!”

“We loved it and highly recommend to anyone to attend one of the performances.”

“Wanted to tell you that I am still thinking about the dances i saw on April 27! They were amazing especially "Santuario" which was stunning and meaningful on so many levels. I was especially aware of the visual effects of the dancer's movements and the lighting.... everything worked so well together and was astounding!! The group posings at the end reminded me of Renaissance paintings, including the Last Supper.”

“Best modern dance piece I’ve ever seen”

“Had the privilege of seeing the performance on Saturday as a gift from my daughter. It was truly magnificent”

“Thank you for allowing me to be your guest at last nights’ performance. I am sorry I could not stay to congratulate everyone after the performance...I really was pleased to see the company as it has been several years since I was able to attend. I enjoyed the dancers and the dancing, as well as the choreographic concepts. It is amazing there is so much wonderful dance here in the city and all so very different. It certainly proves NYC doesn’t own dance and Philadelphia is second to none, your program proved that. So thank you again for my ticket and for all you do. Congratulations to all the dancers”