2015 Press Quotes

“a ritualistic revelation, highlighting a common thread among immigrants; fear, displacement, hope, sadness, assimilation, and ownership of identity.”  Gregory King, Dance Journal 2015


“a moving, compelling look at the immigrant experience…a timely piece…leaves us with a sense of mystery and connection.” Naomi Orwin, Dance-Enthusiast NYC, Dec. 2015

“works more like poetry than like news…moves within an abstract world, reflecting the internalization of an idea rather than a direct account…[Lin’s] representation of cultural displacement is potent and powerful.”  Kalila Kingford Smith, ThinkingDance 2015

“inventive choreography pushes the limits of national identity.” ---Philadelphia Free Press 2015


“Lin’s dancers were spectacular … Home was not about dance, it was about acceptance, pride, and identity. A research project that has blossomed over time, Home shone the light on a topic we often neglect.” “HOME is poignant, full-bodied and relevant.” … Dance Journal 2015