2014 Press Quotes

"Lin's dancers are amazing as an ensemble, they are also striking individuals" --The Daily Gazett, 2014

"Choreographer Kun-Yang Lin is a skillful dance maker. His works, as seen through his Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers at the Egg on Friday night, both soothe viewers into a meditative state while at the same time alerting them to an inherent but unspoken drama. His nine dancers cluster and sweep across the stage in precise unison, often with movements that are stark and sudden. A jerk of the elbow up, a fall to the floor or a bob of the head happen in ways that surprise and intrigue. Lin's dancers are a finely tuned unit." ---The Daily Gazett, 2014


"Kun-Yang's integration of varying choreographic dynamics created a multifaceted and complex piece that elicited a powerful emotional response in the audience members, myself included."---Concordiensis Newspaper, 2014

"provoked a profound emotional, spiritual and mental journey. His choreography and performance presentation were effective in their ability to move the audience and forge a powerful connection between the audience members and his company's art."---Concordiensis Newspaper, 2014


"Be/Longing: Light/Shadow," which further explores Lin's interest in humanity's quest for integration -- mind, soul and body -- with the rest of humankind. His is a noble endeavor, indeed. ---The Daily Gazett, 2014


"Kun-Yang Lin doesn't choreograph dances as much as meditations in motion. Each of the five works on his company's program at The Egg Friday evening was infused with presence, mindfulness and a deep sense of quietude. " ---Times Union, 2014


"The powerful ensemble work "A-U-M," from 2009, is named for the mantra that's often referred to as the universal sound, or the vibration of the universe. The piece is set to a hypnotic repeated chant of that single sound, providing a backdrop for the changing geometric formations on stage. At one point, a dancer calls out "Still!" and then, a bit later, "Go!"-putting words to the conscious pauses between movement. The dancers bring the audience into the meditation, too, taking a few moments midway through to offer a guided body- and breath-awareness exercise. "---Times union, 2014


""Be/Longing: Light/Shadow" combines forceful, fast choreography with frozen tableaux. Moving as one, and then as individuals within the community, the dancers slide smoothly into new shapes and arrangements every few seconds. The speed and energy rise and fall like the rhythm of the breath. Fittingly, the piece ends in stillness and silence-yet still vibrating with life. " ---Times Union, 2014


"…what sets Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers apart is their emphasis on humanity and connection to the audience."---- Off-Stage Philly, 2014


"The dance took over…It was seamless, endless. Stillness and movement, light and shadow. Finally, we, too, became part of the dance, arms reaching, connecting heart to heart, audience and performers as one." ---- Off-Stage Philly, 2014


"…it is particularly successful in synthesizing both ethnographic and somatic strands of research - and in turn the results of this research into a stunning display of technique and artistry that transports the audience into another place, and ultimately into themselves." -- Dance Journal, 2014


"…it is clear that Lin's work is an act of selflessness, an act of love. The dance - even as beautiful, unexpected and breathtaking as it is - is just a medium of communication and we are all invited to take part in the conversation." -- Dance Journal, 2014


"Lin's world traveling company…is one of its best since the troupe relocated from New York in 2008. Known for choreography embracing solemnity and Eastern spirituality, Lin draws dancers who tap into a reverence for humanity while exemplifying excellent modern technique and ensemble dancing." --- Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov. 2014


"If there's such a thing as quiet-ly taking the city by storm, then that's what Kun-Yang Lin's done in Philadelphia. The man is highly spiritual, and that trait seeps into his expressive dance works, many of which are of a poetic, soulful quality. In both his life and art, Lin strives for a sense of connection and he's handily achieved that on the local dance scene, where his company's shows frequently sell out. KYL/D's upcoming production Be/Longing: Light/Shadow, inspired by poet and philosopher Rumi and created in collaboration with mandala artist Tatiana Arias, master puppeteer HuaHua Zhang and award-wining composer Cory Neale, is already generating big buzz." ---- CITY Paper, 2014