2013 Press Quotes


"although the work required strong, grounded technique, their technical proficiency alone was not what made this company stand out. It was rather that each dancer in each piece was able to create an invitational entryway into Lin's poetic dance vision." - OpEdgy Arts & Performance, 2013


"While the works were rich and engaging for their abstract movement design, each also hinted at something particular within the realm of human existence" - OpEdgy Arts & Performance, 2013


"I soon discovered that like finding the little gift inside a box of Cracker Jack, each piece contained at least one arresting visual feat..." - OpEdgy Arts & Performance, 2013


"superb technique" - Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov. 2013


"brilliantly gifted movers and makers" - Knight Arts Foundation, Nov. 2013


"[Moon Dance is] a powerful solo" - Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov. 2013


"Run Silent, Run Deep... ferocious with daring leaps, lifts and catches" - Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov. 2013


"The Song that Can't be Sung, [is] a gut-wrenching duet of forbidden love." - Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov. 2013


"[Shall We... was] flawlessly danced with spiky footwork and sexy thigh-brushing barridas..." - Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov. 2013


"Superbly trained dancers… thrilling… theatrical magic…" - Philadelphia Inquirer 2013


"[Moon Dance is] a powerful piece of choreography." - Knight Arts Foundation 2013


"The athletic and sensuous movements of the Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers are an impressive visual treat, but with this particular configuration, the language of their expression also overlaps with the worlds of mathematics, struggle, community and oneness..." - Knight Arts Foundation 2013


"One was a true gift: smart choreography and an impassioned, athletic execution by a truly talented group of dancers." - Dance Journal 2013